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Neuenbürg Castle

A pearl in the middle of the northern Black Forest

Those who cycle on the Enz Valley Cycle Path or take the Westweg on foot will also pass Neuenbürg and its castle. Already in the Middle Ages there was an imposing castle, equipped with defensive walls and a moat, at the place where the renaissance castle of the Württemberg dukes rises above the Enz.

Today you can be entertained in the romantic palace courtyard and enjoy the sun while the old fountain splashes. An older castle ruin, the 11th century Waldenburg, is also not far away. As a demarcation to this older fortress, the foundation of the Newen Castle (Neuenbürg) probably goes back. The city of Neuenbürg, first mentioned in a document in the 13th century, is always worth a visit with its historic buildings and the Enz, which meanders through the town.

The castle, enthroned above the Enzschleife, and the Church of St George with its remarkable medieval wall paintings are among the highlights of the region. The Celts already valued the location and the rich iron ore deposits and established one of their most important sites north of the Alps on today's Schlossberg more than 2000 years ago.

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