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Hiking program

It does exist, this almost perfect natural idyll, far away from the noise and bustle of the city. Like no other region in Germany, the northern Black Forest is one of the most exquisite hiking destinations. 

Hike high up to the breathtaking peaks and dive into the fascinating gorges of the northern Black Forest. Discover the tours through the fascinating nature of the Black Forest

Discover your options on the hiking maps below

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Experience nature with respect

In order for the original and unique nature to continue to be preserved in its beauty, we must respect and protect it together. The Black Forest is a recreational and habitat for people, animals and plants. That is why it is important to behave respectfully in nature.

If we stick to the golden rules together, we will protect nature.

The rules apply in principle to all natural spaces - in protected areas such as the national park, the biosphere area, the nature parks and the nature reserves, however, they are even more important.

  1. Please stay on the marked and paved paths.

  2. Observe temporary closures and rules of protected areas.

  3. Please keep dogs on a leash.

  4. Avoid unnecessary noise.

  5. Feeding, catching and disturbing animals and picking them
        and damage to plants is prohibited.

  6. Take waste with you to the nearest rubbish bin. If it is not enough to go to the next toilet, please use toilet paper instead of paper handkerchiefs, as the rotting time is much shorter.

  7. Camping, bivouacking, storage, making fires and smoking are prohibited in nature reserves. In designated trekking camps, it is possible to spend one night in a tent close to nature.

  8. Please keep your distance from wild animals and grazing animals and keep calm.

  9. Please do not be out at night or at dusk.

  10. Bathing and walking through bodies of water is sometimes not permitted.

Thank you for sticking to the golden rules.

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